Wednesday, February 23, 2011

AWI Re-Basing Project (1)

Although I'm quite happy with the progress I'm making on my AWI armies, I'm also always on the look out for nicely painted units for sale at conventions or on Ebay. Recently I found several auctions offering some beautifully painted AWI figures. The figure mix was mostly Perry and Old Glory figures and the paint jobs were much nicer than figures that I paint for myself while still matching mine in style very closely. Having a little 'pin money' sitting in my bank account I splurged on them as a late Christmas gift to myself. The figures were based significantly differently than how I base my figures so I've been working on re-basing them for use with the Volley & Bayonet and Carnage & Glory rule sets that I prefer. This update shows all of the Americans that I purchased. The title photo above shows all of the figures together.

This is the first unit of American militia. I based these up as two formed bases and a skirmish base. This will allow me maximum flexibility when using them with both rule sets. The flag for this unit came with the figures so I'm not sure of its origins.
The second unit below also contains two formed stands and a skirmish stand. The flag for this unit was made from the downloadable AWI flag sets offered on the site.

The third unit contains only two formed stands. I may use this unit when I need Canadian militia as there are a lot of stocking caps among the figures. With no flag this unit could also stand in for British loyalist militia as needed.

The next installment will contain photos of the British figures. I know I still have an in-prgress ACW re-basing project going as well as several other projects, but since there weren't too many units to re-base I thought I'd get these taken care of first. Also the un-based ACW figures already have a place to live in my figure closet while these were waiting out on my wargaming table. Re-basing them was a good way to keep the table open for gaming.


Ray Rousell said...

Very nice, they look like they'd grace any army.

Alfrik said...

Rebasing... why oh why do new rule sets have to have bases just a bit bigger or smaller than other sets out???? ;)