Saturday, February 12, 2011

Leichte Pionierkompanie Platoon (2)

This is my second full German light pioneer platoon for my Flames of War German pioneer company. Like the first platoon these are Battlefront figures from several sources: mid-war pioneer blister, Finnish pioneer blister, panzergrenadier blister, etc. Anybody carrying anything remotely like pioneering equipment was pressed into service. I managed to get at least one and in most cases two figures on each stand that are suitably 'pioneerish'.

Since this is my second platoon I needed a way to tell which stands were in each platoon. I chose to mark this platoon with a mustard colored spot at the rear of each stand. I'm hoping this will be sufficient. If not I can always add more later. I just put the finishing protective top coat spray on these this morning in time to head off to escalation league day at Adler Hobby. We're escalating to 1250 points today and two core combat platoons are now required. There's nothing like a game to motivate you to finish a unit!

Now that these are done I can field a full 1500 or 1750 point force for my pioneers. I still have some Panzer I and II tanks to paint up so that I can field these as true Leichte Pioniers. Without the tanks I've been fielding them as standard infantry pioneers. The tanks are in my possession and will be my next project, but for today - we game!

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Mr. Bigglesworth said...

great looking unit - I like the officer at the head of the platoon. Can't wait to see the full contingent - tanks and all.