Saturday, February 26, 2011

AWI Re-Basing Project (2)

This is the second and final installment of my AWI re-basing project. This update includes the British figures I purchased on Ebay from the same person who sold me the Americans in my previous post. Like the Americans, these are wonderfully painted figures that were based up on small square stands, four figures per stand. If I had to guess I'd say the basing was probably for British Grenadier! rules. This photo shows the complete group of British figures I purchased which contains twenty-four redcoats in blue facing and another twenty-four in yellow facings. Initially I thought about basing each of these units as four massed bases with my standard six figures per base, but after looking at the march poses I decided that six figures looked a little too sparse on the stands and I settled for three massed stands and a skirmish stand for each color facing. This allows me to field them in both V&B or C&G since my preferred basing for C&G is two massed stands and a skirmish stand. 

The first unit has yellow facings and flag. This can be used to represent the 15th, 28th, 44th or 46th regiments of foot. Although they would normally be found located together in a single formed unit, I've decided to distribute the king's colors, the regimental colors and the drummer on separate stands which I think will look better when single stands are used to represent a single regiment or battalion acting independently.

The second unit has blue facings and flag. This can be used to represent the 1st regiment second battalion, 60th, 61st or 94th regiments of foot. Like the first unit I've chosen to break up the colors and officer each to their own stand so that individual stands will still appear as full units when used separately.  Terrain is my standard mix of railroad static grass and ballast, rocks made from painted broken cork and tall grass is another model railroad item.

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