Sunday, February 20, 2011

Leichte Pionierkompanie

This is a progress update on my early war German Leichte Pionierkompanie for the Flames of War escalation league at Adler Hobby. Recently I completed my second full combat platoon for this force as well as 1500 points worth of troops. Both are milestones that the league rewards with a free blister of figures courtesy of Battlefront. In order to get the reward Battlefront requires the local store furnish them with some paperwork, but Gordon (owner of Adler Hobby) likes to also send them photos of the figures. Gordon also has a 'wall of fame' in his store where he posts the photos. Since I had to take photos, I thought this would be a good time to do a quick review of my progress so far. This photo shows the sum total of figures and vehicles I've painted up since the start of the escalation league back in early September. Actually not pictured is a light AA platoon that I initially painted up, but have since decided not to use. It is shown here in this earlier blog post.

The left section shows my artillery units. In the front is a battery of four 10.5cm NbW35 chemical mortars. These are part of the TO&E for the infantry pioneer list, which I used for most of the lower point games in the league. They're not part of the TO&E for the Leichte Pionierkompanie list, but will still be nice to have around when I use this lead as the infantry pioneers. Behind the mortars is a battery of four 10.5cm leFH18 guns with staff team and transport. These can be used with both lists.

Points for these units: Mortars: 145 points, Artillery 360 points

Center of the force contains the CinC and 2iC with their optional transport of a Pazerbefelswagen tank and motorcycle. Behind them are two full platoons of engineers. Behind that on the left is a platoon of four Panzerjager I tank hunters on the left and a platoon of five Panzer IIc tanks on the right. Behind those are three Panzer IVd  tanks bracketed by my two objective markers.

Points for these units: Company command: 60 points, two platoons of pioneers: 170, 215 or 220 points each depending on motivation and skill, Panzerjager I platoon: 335 points, Panzer IIc (early) platoon: 225 points, Panzer IVd platoon: 450 points, objectives: free.

On the right are my anti-tank guns. In the front a platoon of four PaK36 anti-tank guns. In the rear one 8.8cm FlaK38 Luftwaffe anti-aircraft gun, or more commonly called an '88'. With the 88 is its transportation and to the right transportation for the PaK36 platoon.

Points for these units: Pak36 guns: 145 points, 88 gun: 130 points.

With these figures I'm starting to have a workable force with some options to tailor it to my anticipated opponent(s) or scenario. I still have a few items to finish before I'll consider the pioneer company forces completed. These include: a Panzer I 'destruction platoon' consisting of 5 Panzer I tanks, a second 88 for the heavy AA battery, and six bases of flamethrowers for when I field the pioneers as infantry pioneers.

Once the above items are done I also have a platoon of five Panzer 35(t) tanks and two more Panzer 35(t) tanks for company command which will allow me to use the Panzer I, II and IV tanks along with a platoon of pioneers and the artillery to form what should be a very fun to play Czech Panzerkompanie. The Czech Panzerkompanie will also let me paint up and field a Kradschutzen (motorcycle) platoon that I recently purchased. I just couldn't resist getting them because the models are so 'cool'.


Mr. Bigglesworth said...

Really impressive force. It must look amazing in person - and look damn good in the photos. Bettlefront should comp you two packs for such a brilliant job.

Scott MacPhee said...

Very nice indeed, AJ!

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Thanks guys.

Steven said...

Really nice looking force!

Adler Hobby & Board Game Cafe said...

Looks really cool on Parade like that : )