Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Goals

Here were my goals for 2011 and how I did on each:

Goal One - Finish My Early War FOW German Pioneer Company - Done!
Although I still have a couple platoons of unpainted German figures I could add to the force, I've more than completed the Pioneers and added a bunch of Czech Panzer 35t tanks and armored cars that allow me to also field this as a Czech Panzer company.

Goal Two - Finish Re-Basing my 15mm ACW Armies - Done!

Goal Three - Finish my Roman and Seleucid FOG Armies - Done!
I have a couple of unpainted Roman battle groups, but these are only to make my already completed army even larger for historical games. My recent completion of two battle groups of Seleucid cataphracts have also finished up my Seleucid army.

Goal Four - Convention Participation - Done!
Although I didn't end up going to Historicon this year, I did attend both Huzzah! and Carnage 14 including running games at both and helping the Carnage staff organize their Centuries of Conflict historical theme games.

Reward For Making My Goals - Done!
While I ended up shelving my 15mm FOW British Infantry Company and Matilda Tank Company I did replace this with my mid and early war British and Australian FOW WWII forces and started in on a 15mm FOW German North Africa force to face them.

Variety, the Spice of Life - Mostly Failed
I had hoped to leaven the onslaught of  WWII I had planned on doing this year with a couple of 28mm AWI units. In the end I painted no AWI figures at all which I'm quite disappointed with myself about. I did however make great progress on our club's 28mm pirate project completing one and starting a second 28mm pirate ship using my laser engraver. This definitely is a huge divergence from the norm for me.

Over all I'm quite happy with achieving all four of my major goals and also being able to get a huge amount of progress completed on my early war desert FOW forces. I'm almost positive I'm not going to be able to complete 100% of my future goals with any regularity. That said, here are my goals for 2012:

Goal One - Finish My Early War FOW Desert Forces
My British and Australian forces are both more than 90% finished. I have a platoon of Crusader II tanks to finish to complete the British armor and a platoon of 2 pounder AT guns to complete the Australians. I'm not entirely sure what I need to finish to complete the German desert company, but I hope that most of what I need will come from my 'dead lead' box which currently holds a battery of 10.5cm leFH18 artillery guns, a platoon of motorcycle infantry and a battery of PaK36 AT guns.

Goal Two - Club Pirate Ship Game Project
I have to finish the CAD work on my 2nd pirate boat and hold a club 'build a boat' day at my house so other club members can get working on their boats. I need to do this as early in the year as possible to give everyone time to paint their assembled boats

Goal Three - More American Revolution
I WILL paint more 28mm AWI figures this year. I also will be running more AWI games including two I've already scheduled for January. My hope is that in addition to Volley & Bayonet games, which I love, I may also try a game of Black Powder with my AWI figures. I also plan to work on my own set of rules, which I'll post more about if I can make some decent progress on them. No promises on that for now!

Goal Four - Late War WWII FOW
After we finish our early war North Africa league at Adler we're going to be moving on to late war. I have a mostly complete Finnish engineer company which I may dabble in, but my primary goal for this league is to be able to field a German Panzerkompanie utilizing some Panzer IV and Panther A tanks I purchased painted from a friend many years ago. To do so I'll need to add some support, most likely in the form of som Panzerwerfer 42 rocket launchers, some Stug G tanks and maybe some infantry or motorcycle scouts.

Extra Credit - Re-Base my Napoleonic Austrian Army
I'm not officially listing this as a goal, since I think the above four are more than I can accomplish, but if I do get all of the above four completed, before I start anything new I have a fairly large Austrian Napoleonic army I purchased off of Ebay that I need to rebase from Napoleon's Battles basing to Volley & Bayonet. These are very nice figures, which I am assuming were painted by the Dragon Painting Service based on their basing and the style of the paint jobs on the figures. Until I rebase them I can't really use them in any games. If I don't get to this in 2012 it will definitely become a goal for 2013.

That's it! Sorry for the 'wall of text' post, but with a goals post there really aren't any photos I could add to break things up. Hopefully my next posts will be more 'fun'. My final word about all of my wargaming goals....I'll happily trade accomplishing ANY of them for a good game!


Beccas said...

You had a great year on the Blog AJ. Looking forward to 2012.

Ray Rousell said...

Good luck with your goals, have a great year!!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Great results on your 2011 goals and wish equally good luck on your 2012 ones!


El Senyor Verd said...

You have a lot of work for the next year. Hope to see all that work in this blog ;)

Happy 2012!

Giles said...

Well done on all your achievements this year, AJ. I'm looking forward to following your progress on WW2 and the AWI this year. One thing we both have in common is our failure to paint up many AWI figures last year (I got completely side-tracked by 1815)!

Best wishes and a happy new year to you.


Mr. Bigglesworth said...

You are an inspiration to us slackers. Great to see how you map out your goals - I guess that is how great armies are built.