Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Last Crusade(ers)

This is the last platoon of Crusader tanks for my British North Africa WWII army. These have been lingering on the painting table too long so I decided to just finish them up to clear some space for something new. I had initially intended on using these for early war, but they're just too damned expensive in points early war, even more so after Battlefront increased the cost for all of the British armor. These will still get plenty of use mid-war where they can form the core of a light tank swarm supported by my Grants and some Australian infantry and artillery. These are first-generation Battlefront models with the more modern styled turret which I like a lot. This platoon is adorned with blue triangle platoon markings on the turrets. The platoon commander had the hull MG turret left on more for identification purposes than for utility.

This will be my last post for January. I just thought I'd mention that it's been a VERY active month on the blog for me. The next most active month was 14 posts, which I've done a few times. This month I had 20 posts. That's a lot of painting, modeling and gaming! hopefully I can maintain momentum and continue to do a lot of fun stuff over the next few months. I know once the good weather returns to New Hampshire my wargaming hobby will suffer.