Monday, June 4, 2012

2nd Punic War FOG Campaign (3)

Last Friday night we got together to finish the The Battle of Heraclea in our 2nd Punic War FOG campaign. Pictured to the left is my friend Michael who joined us for the game as a Carthaginian general to help bolster their ranks with Charlie having another commitment. Ed took over as Hannibal since he was at the first evening's game.

We continued where we left off the previous night. On the right side of the center one unit of African spearmen routed with Romans in pursuit. A few turns later the Thurophoroi in the rough lost to a combined attack from Italian medium infantry supported by a unit of Triarii. The Carthaginian cavalry that was sandwiched also broke early in the game.

Later on a unit of African spearmen and a unit or Roman Hastati mutually broke and on the right the final unit of Roman heavy cavalry was gored by superior Spanish cavalry.  Behind the lines the large Numidian cavalry unit was rallied at the expense of a small Spanish cavalry unit that left the battlefield. Somewhere in there another Roman Hastati unit broke to bring the total to four for the game.

Over the next few turns some Carthaginian units rallied from broken to edge away from their army break point. The Carthaginian spear in the center was continuing to advance towards the roman camp with the Roman units that eliminated the cavalry in pursuit. With the evening waning and the game losing momentum the game was called by Mike the GM as a marginal Roman victory.


DeanM said...

Really nice looking game. I played my first-ever FoG game at our recent con. It was a Mayan vs. Aztec game titled Apocalypto. I had fun. Best, Dean

Prufrock said...

That's a fine looking game. Are those Old Glory figs? The triarii look especially good.


John Lambshead said...

A second Punic wars Campaign is heavy stuff. Admire your stamina.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

In answer to your question, the Triarii are Old Glory 15s figures. Close ups are available here: They're nice figures to paint.

A lot of the other figures are a mix of other manufacturers, especially the Carthaginians which are from Charlie's collection.