Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Western Gunfight Banditos - WIP

These are the work progress (WIP) shots of my Mexican 'banditos' for a western gunfight skirmish game that Adler Hobby will be having for their upcoming anniversary.  So far these are just block painted. After they dry overnight I'll gloss coat them and give them a good sepia tone wash. Once that is dry i can go over the figures and do final highlighting and basing. Hopefully I'll get it all done by Saturday since that is when the game is!
 I'm calling my squad the "Reposado Gang" which seems appropriate considering their origins. These two figures are the possible squad leaders. On the left the best fighter of the bunch wields two pistols so is appropriately named "Six Gun Sancho". On the right is "Hacienda Hosé". Hosé is wealthy and cunning. He isn't in it for the loot, he's in it for the adventure.
 Next up are "Tequila Thomas" on the left and "Pancho Pete" on the right. Pete is a dead-eye shot and Hacienda Hosé's right-hand man. Pete keeps Hosé out of trouble....most of the time.
Rustled up from the local bar are the last hands in the crew. I haven't thought of clever names for them yet. By the time I've finished painting them I'll have something fun to say about them.


AdamC1776 said...

I like them! At some point I hope my Pinkertons can show them to the boarder :)

Beccas said...

Looking good.

Unknown said...

These looks great!