Thursday, June 21, 2012

2nd Punic War FOG Campaign (4)

Last night my friends Charlie (Hannibal in the campaign, left in the photo) and Mike (Mars in the campaign, right in the photo) and I got together to do the campaign movement in our ongoing 2nd Punic War FOG campaign. My army in Africa had all of Eastern Numidia revolt on it which Carthage took advantage of by re-capturing most of if for themselves. It also didn't take long for Charlie to gobble up some more of my precious Italian northern provinces with his armies that retreated from our last battle. In order to hopefully block further southern advances I set two armies across the 'calf' of Italy hoping to draw Hannibal into a disadvantageous battle. Charlie did his part attacking my army in Terventum with Hannibal's army, but alas Titus Longus failed to march to the battle leaving me with 'only' a fair fight against Hannibal's army. Considering the last battle was close fought with a 20% troop advantage, I'm thinking this next battle will be a tough one.

We'll try to get together a group of gamers soon to play out the FOG game. It should be another good game with both armies bringing full 800-point FOG armies to the table top and each having two additional units of local troops to add to their forces. 

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Ian said...

Looking forward to the battle. It's a great way to get battles generated