Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mid-Atlantic Air Museum

Lori and I visited the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum today on our vacation in Pennsylvania. This museum has both static and flying models in its collection. In their hangar is their collection of flying aircraft. Our tour guide was very well informed and was able to answer all our questions which made our visit very enjoyable - more than worth the $6.00 admission fee. The collection includes a Grumman Avenger, B-25 Mitchell bomber and the pride of their collection is their current restoration project a P-61B Black Widow (bottom right). When finished, this will be the only flying example of this night fighter which entered service at the conclusion of WWII.

The guided tour offered unprecedented access to the aircraft in the collection. At one point we were standing inside the open bomb bay doors of the B-25! We were careful not to touch anything, but photography was allowed from any distance and angle. I highly recommend visiting the museum if you find yourself in the Reading, PA area with a couple hours of free time on your hands.

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The Kiwi said...

looks like it was a $6 bargain.