Wednesday, April 17, 2013

25mm/28mm Carthaginian Bolt Shooters

This is a Field of Glory battle group of two Carthaginian bolt shooters and crew. I picked these up from Magister Militum mostly on a lark as a 'secret weapon' for our upcoming First Punic Wars campaign. In truth I don't expect to keep them much of a secret, and they're probably going to be of dubious military value. Still they'll add variety to the troops available, were a very affordable choice with such a low figure and base count and were quite quick to paint up. Plus who knows, they might be fun on the tabletop.

The Magister Militum figures are more on the 'True 25mm' side of the scale, but I hope since they're all in a single battle group they'll blend in well enough with the rest of my army which is primarily Old Glory figures which tend to be on the 28mm side of the range. The bolt shooter models themselves were a bit fiddly to assemble, and ended up a bit janky in alignment. Still I'd rather leave them on tilt than attempt to straighten them out and risk breaking the glue bonds on them.

Field of Glory basing, which follows WRG/DBA/DBM convention, calls for artillery to be on a 60mm wide by 80mm deep base. With only 2 figures and one model to fill that vast void I opted to toss everything including the kitchen sink at these as far as basing materials goes. I even have the chaps sitting among some spring could happen. Next up are some re-basing projects, and more Carthaginians.

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