Wednesday, April 24, 2013

28mm 'German' Austrian Napoleonic Fusiliers

 Two units of Napoleonic German Austrian Fusiliers again purchased from ppsbay_com and re-based for Napoleon's Rules of War. Both of these came painted with the grey regimental facings, collars and cuffs shown on the right-hand unit. Fortunately for me the regimental color is also the color the painter uses for shading and lining making the task of changing the regimental color of the left-hand unit to green an easy task. I will most likely be doing this for other units in the future.


Vulcanologist said...

Hi AJ. I'm new to this blogging stuff but found your site and there's some great stuff to read and some great pics too! Loving your Austrians!

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Glad you've enjoyed it. Welcome. I was similarly inspired by Giles Allison's blog, Tarleton's Quarter about 6 years ago. It's addictive!