Monday, April 8, 2013

28mm Austrian Cuirassiers

This is the first of what will probably be many units of 28mm Austrian Napoleonic figures I will be adding to my collection. These are based for my friend Charlie's fast play Napoleonic rules titled Napoleon's Rules of War. We've been play testing these rules for a while as followers of this blog have probably noticed. So far most of the figure collections in the club focuses around the Peninsula war - French and British. One club member also has an extensive Prussian figure collection. To add to the mix I thought Austrians seemed an interesting choice. Charlie is also working on an Austrian army to augment his British and French.

This unit is an Ebay purchase from a private seller. They're nothing special as far as the paint job quality, but plenty passable to put on the table and I got them for a great price. I also have several units coming from a couple of the more well known commercial painting houses that offer their wares on Ebay. I don't plan on fielding many cuirassiers in my force, but these were such a good deal and came as a unit of eight figures - exactly the right number for one full unit in Napoleon's Rules of War. I couldn't pass them up.


DeanM said...

They look good - what is the make? Best, Dean

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I got them off Ebay so I'm not entirely sure. Maybe one of my readers can recognize them?

Mike said...

Nice start to your army. I think their are 8 regiments of these in 1809.