Saturday, February 22, 2014

28mm German Vehicles and Equipment

These are some late war German vehicles and equipment I've painted up for a German force for Bolt Action that I've started working on. The bulk of the infantry I purchased on Ebay pre-painted and will be in another post later on. These are all Warlord products painted by me. Figures in the photos are the pre-painted figures used for scale comparison. The group consists of an Sdkfz 222 armored car, an Sdkfz 250/1 half track, a Pak-40 anti-tank gun and a Kettenkrad utility tractor. The Pak-40 and Kettenkrad will eventually have additional appropriate crew members added to them that I'm currently working on painting. I'll put these in the painting totals as 4 vehicles.

We still have several feet of snow outside, so these photos were taken under artificial and harsh lighting conditions. They are sprayed with a matte overcoat, but the direct light still makes them look shiny in the photos when actually they are quite flat. I'm very much looking forward to spring here in New Hampshire.


DeanM said...

Nice - I get the same satin look in photos sometimes, but to the naked eye they look matte. Best, Dean

Dannoc said...

Very nice painting - the cammo is very neat.

Hobbyworker said...

The camo looks great