Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Game Day Play Test

Last Friday the GMs of our upcoming ACW game day and the Confederate and Union generals got together to do a play test of the Fire & Fury regimental rules along with several scenario-specific rules. The game was successful in letting us finalize the details in preparation for next weekend's big game. Bob, one of the GMs brought along his new 28mm observation balloon (seen left) which will be part of the Union TO&E.

Being the Union CinC and having the challenge of attacking the Confederate defensive position I was happy to see if planned properly an attack could be made on such a position. It will be costly to do so, but possible. Such are the challenges of a general.


DeanM said...

Awesome looking game and figs! That balloon definitely makes me think of Mysterious Island! Dean

AdamC1776 said...

Love the Balloon