Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dropzone Commander - UCM Force

The guys down at Adler Hobby have been starting up playing an interesting science fiction game - Dropzone Commander.  While I don't usually game non-historical miniatures, I like everyone in the Dropzone group and the painting effort for the 10mm scale looked like it would be minimal so I decided to give it a shot. After going full ADD on the figures including a two-color airbrush paint scheme the project ended up taking much longer than I expected. Still here it is, at least a good first swing at a workable UCM force.

I don't plan on doing much more painting for Dropzone Commander as far as figures go, so I'm going to lump these in with my 15mm painting totals: 22 vehicles and 60 infantry. 

These are two Falcon gunships. They are based on the UCM Raven light drop ship - one of my two favorite models in the UCM force. I've maximized the number of them in my force - purely for aesthetic reasons. Who knows if it's a good idea or not as far as game play goes.
 These are three Condor drop ships. The work horse of the UCM transportation fleet. These carry my Bear APCs, and my main combat tanks.
 Two Raven-A drop ships to carry infantry and two Raven-B drop ships to carry my Wolverine reconnaissance buggies.
 Wolverine scout buggies and Praetorian elite infantry. 10mm infantry are pretty fiddly to paint, but once done and put on a terrained base they look nice enough.
 Kodiak command vehicle including its orbital satellite communication dish used to call in orbital bombardment strikes.
Three Sabre main battle tanks (rear left), three Rapier anti-aircraft tanks (rear right), two Bear APCs and six stands of UCM Colonial Legionaries (standard UCM infantry).


SirChristopher2 said...

Nice work! Rich and I just took the DzC plunge. Hoping for 2-3 more to follow. Chris Rett

Ray Rousell said...

Nice work!!!

Mad Padre said...

They look great. It would be a cheap way into SF gaming. DZ Cdr would be one candidate, TFL's Quadrant 13 rules are also of interest to me.
Thanks for this post.