Wednesday, March 12, 2014

28mm Spanish 'Large Shield' Cavalry

This is a unit of 28mm Spanish 'large shield' cavalry for my Carthaginian army. The figures are Old Glory and are intended to represent Spanish skirmish 'small shield' cavalry. Not knowing a lot about them I ordered them with the intention of converting them to battle cavalry by adding the large shields. When the figures came, much to my dismay, one of the poses had the small shield slung on the figure's back and the only armor on the figure at all was the helmet.

Discouraged, I forged on but as the paint job shows, my heart wasn't 100% into painting this unit. I chose plain white tunics. The shields are a mix of leftovers from my bits box and some made on my laser. The patterns are hand painted and with the exception of the shield that looks like it belongs more in a Swiss unit than a Spanish one, I think they came out ok.

This unit can represent a single battle group in Field of Glory, or four units in Hannibal at the Gates. I have one more large unit of Carthaginian citizen cavalry and a couple small units left and I will be able to call my Carthaginian army done. For painting totals, I'm calling this 24 'figures': 12 riders and 12 horses.


Hobbyworker said...

Great looking spanish cav unit..

DeanM said...

Wonderful looking unit!