Tuesday, March 4, 2014

28mm WWII German AT Crew, Officers and Specialists

These are crew for my recently painted Pak-40 AT gun and Kettenkrad as well as some additional officers and specialists just because painting a few more figures isn't all that much more work due to economy of scale. The figures are all Warlord lead figures.

Here you can see the Pak-40 crew on a dedicated base. As each casualty is removed I can pull the figure and replace it with a blank filler with some terrain on it (see below). The final photo below is a better close up of the three removable figures. The fixed loader is shown to the left.

 Here is the Kettenkrad utility vehicle with two crew, a driver and an SMG-armed passenger. As a transport this can pull up to medium AT guns and could also be a nifty two-person transport for my Lieutenant and his assistant.

These are the two officers and specialists: a medic and a forward observer. I love these two officer personalities. One has my 2nd favorite small arm of the war, the broom handle Mauser pistol with an extended shoulder stock. The other is a badass guy with a monocle. Growing up on Hogans Heroes as a kid, this guy just screams "German Officer" to me.

 Here are some close ups of the medic. The lighting I have is still terrible so the shading on the smock doesn't show up very well. I have to admit this guy looks a little too 'jolly' for a WWII medic, but the figure is very animated and completely impossible to confuse as a combatant on the tabletop, which will be quite helpful.
Last up is a great FO figure from Warlord. This guy has all the required equipment: radio, headset, rifle and a signal flare. Another great sculpting job by Warlord.


Hobbyworker said...

Your germans looks great
go germans to in bolt action :)

DeanM said...

Nice models! Love the camo work on the gun - very nice!