Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 2014 Game Night

Last Friday was our club's monthly game night. We had 27 attendees, including four pledge members and a guest, playing in two games and a mini DBA tournament. The DBA tournament is our 14th 'annual' running of the 'First Man of Rome' tournament run by Mike C. (standing below left). This year the enemies of Rome were Macedonian successor armies: Later Seleucid and Pyrrhic. While the Pyrrhic army wasn't too difficult of an opponent for  most of the Romans, the later Seleucid with its two units of Knights gave most of the Romans, including myself, fits all night. I ended up 1-3 and definitely NOT the first man of Rome. I was scrambling to take photos at the end of the night and didn't get a photo of the winners, sorry to them!

Peter (left) ran his pre-Dreadnaught, pre-WWI naval game. We have a bunch of naval gaming fans in the club and Peter's games are always popular because they're well run and good fun. From the excitement at the table I think this one was another roaring success.

 Gordon ran the club's first Bolt Action game, a north Africa attack-and-defense historical scenario. The club's been looking forward to learning the rules and Gordon's game was nearly filled just with pre-registrations. Please forgive the missing ground cloth which was forgotten. We've all done that once or twice right?

Gordon's scenario is well designed and the Italian tanks are a personal favorite of mine. Gordon uses a rolling dust storm in the game as well as other beautiful terrain items.

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