Sunday, April 13, 2014

28mm Large Residence - WIP

Our Bolt Action game on Friday got be highly motivated to continue working on my 28mm terrain - particularly buildings suitable for WWI/WWII. This is the first laser-cut 28mm building I'm working on. I've modeled it loosely from the photograph of an actual residence in Carentan, France that was there during the D-day liberation attacks. A modern photo of that building is below, left. My inspiration came from Matakishi's excellent blog series on his efforts to re-model the entire Carentan scene from the Band of Brothers HBO series.

I've made the roof removable to allow soldiers to be placed inside. I've also made the top floor removable to allow easy placement of soldiers in the first floor without having to remove the top floor occupants and floor. Like Matakishi's version I will be putting a lean-to shed on the rear left side where there are no windows. Unlike Matakishi's version, I chose to put the assumed stairwell on the same side as the lean-to. This explains the missing window.

Next steps will be to clad the roof with some vacuform roof tile texture sheet I've purchased from a railroad supply site on the Internet, and then to paint it up. Like Matakishi, I'll be spraying the flat surfaces with a textured paint to mimic the original stucco finish on the original building. For simplicity, and because they won't be usable in games, I will be leaving the dormer windows in the attic off.

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