Saturday, April 5, 2014

Moderns at MarkD's Place

Last night my friend MarkD hosted another game using his own modern skirmish rules. The game was set in a fictitious country in modern Africa where local uprising forces were raiding a town to capture ammunition and supplies. I played on the government side trying to prevent the theft. I represented a small force of French 'advisors' while my teammates represented the local military forces.

The game was great fun and came down to a slim point victory for the rebel forces. My French suffered a good case of 'bad ammo' and missed a lot while my 2iC and communications officer were taken out by rebels held up in a house. My only success, a good burst of fire from my heavy machine gun which took out several charging rebel zealots.

I must apologize for the poor photos.  My camera batteries were dying and wouldn't fire the flash, so the lighting is quite variable. In person the lighting was fine for gaming, but my digital camera really wanted to back fill with the flash but couldn't.

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