Saturday, February 21, 2015

28mm Spanish Caetrati Skirmishers

These are five units of 28mm Spanish Caetrati skirmishers for my Carthaginian army. I know a few posts back I said I was finished with the army, but then I started to play games with it and realized that Numidian skirmishers just don't look right in a Spanish wing so I decided I HAD to have some Caetrati. I split a bag of Old Glory figures with my friend Bob. I'm not sure if he's started his 15 figures yet, but mine are done...take that Bob!

The shields are hand painted and I've varied the colors of the tunics, shields and leather helmet decorations. I've included one shield on each stand with a geometric pattern typical of the Spanish to give the units the right look. Basing is for Ralph's home brew rules, Hanibal at the Gates, soon to be re-named Marathon to Marius. The black portion on the rear of each stand is a magnetic strip which will hold an appropriate label describing the unit's characteristics.

These are again indoor photos, although there was a touch of sunlight in the room from outside. I've also started to figure out how to use my fancy new camera to much better effect. I hope to keep improving the photo quality, but I'm closer to happy with these than before.

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