Sunday, February 1, 2015

Macedonia vs Persia - Hanibal at the Gates

Yesterday we got together to play a game of Hanibal at the Gates at my uncle's house. The battle was an Alexandrian Macedonian army versus a Persian army. The Persian army list has been recently revised based on previous play testing and now includes some nice terror units: elephants and scythed chariots.

The new terror divisions did good work softening up the Macedonian pike units. Eventually the pike were able to clear out the Persian infantry in the center but at the same time the massive Persian cavalry wings overwhelmed and eliminated the Macedonian cavalry on both flanks. We called the game due to time with the Persians retaining 8/25 of their core unit strength points and the macedonians retaining 6/20 of their core unit strength points - a close fight. Opinions on which army would eventually win were mixed. I think the new Persian army composition is a good improvement.

Below the photographs is a video of each side's players discussing their pre-game strategy as well as the GM Ralph discussing with the Persians how terror units work. 

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