Monday, February 9, 2015

Northern Conspiracy - February 2015 Game Night

As an often quoted family friend was prone to say, "Shit and shoved in it". I took a plethora of photos from our clubs recent February game night, but somehow when uploading them to my PC I ran into a large snafu and all my photos were lost. My apologies to all of the game hosts.

One of our scheduled game masters came down with the flu, so I ended up running an Electronic Brigadier game in his place. Per the recommendations of my friend Charlie I ran a play test scenario with a mirrored battlefield and order of battle. All units were the same size (300 men) and all were average quality. The game was enjoyed by everyone and gave me some very good data on what to adjust. I think I will do the same for my next play test game.

Below the only media that survived the snafu, video from my camcorder of some turn play during the game.

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