Tuesday, May 26, 2015

28mm Roman Hastati and Carthaginian Medium Hoplites

This post combines the last two units that I've painted up but were waiting on my workbench for about a month to be based up. The first unit is two elements of Roman hastati. These are legionary stands in Marathon to Marius and will be added to the previously painted triarii and velites for my white legion.

All of the figures are Old Glory figures. I currently have a membership in their discount club and just cannot believe the value of being able to purchase already reasonable figures at a 40% discount. I highly recommend their discount club to anyone who's planning on painting any significant volume of their figures. It pays for itself on your first order.

The last stand is a unit of Carthaginian medium hoplites. I originally purchased this bag of figures in hopes that I could paint them in a manner that would allow them to make up the fourth stand in my Carthaginian citizen hoplite phalanx. Unfortunately these figures, with their linen curiass, just don't match up well enough to make it all work that well. My new thinking is that I'll need to paint up a second unit of these to act as a smaller separate phalanx.

These figures look very Macedonian to me. I will probably save a few of the left over figures to mix into my Macedonian units.


Giles said...

I like these a lot. For all the popularity of imperial Romans there is a lot to be said for the Republican uniforms - a very "classical" look. Greta painting, AJ.

Best wishes


John Lambshead said...

Those look very nice, well done.

Phil said...

Great looking units, well done!