Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Huzzah! 2015

This past weekend I traveled up to the Huzzah! convention in Portland, Maine with my uncle.  I heard it a couple of times from different people, that this is quickly becoming the premiere historical miniatures convention in New England. I agree with those opinions. The games are high quality. There are plenty of good vendors and the venue has acceptable space for games and rooms available.

This is my first of two posts on Huzzah! and will feature everything except my own game which will be in a following post. These first two photos are of Northern Conspirator Ed's Armies at Lutzen area control game. Followers of this blog may remember my previous post about the play test of this scenario.

 Here are photos of conspirators Earl (left), Gordon (right) and Pete and Ralph (below) enjoying the convention.

These are photos of a game that used the 4Ground Pegasus bridge terrain which is re-sold by Warlord games. I've seen photos of this in the past and it's even more stunning in person. Beautiful laser work.

 This WWII game caught my attention for the nicely painted Tiger tank as well as the very tenuous position the red devil British Airborne jeeps are in a the moment. If the 88 doesn't get them the coaxial MG will!

 I was able to meet up and chat with my friend Mike who ran his epic southeast Asia skirmish game that features over 12' of table literally cram-packed with beautiful hand made terrain.

Mike runs a mailing list for fellow wargamers called the 'Barbarian Army' and also posts his exploits on Facebook. You can see his photos from Huzzah! on his Facbook page here. Feel free to follow him on Facebook while you're there.

There are a couple of rooms dedicated to board gaming both historical and 'Euro' games. Here is a photo of a hybrid - Axis and Allies.

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