Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Electronic Brigadier - Freeman's Farm Play Test for Huzzah!

Friday my friends George and Ed and my uncle Ralph came over to help me run a final play test of the most recent version of Electronic Brigadier before my public game at the Huzzah! convention next weekend. 

While the troops in the battle were from my Huzzah! scenario, I altered the terrain. I did this because all of the players have played my Freeman's Farm scenario several times during play testing of the rules. I wanted a proven scenario for the convention, but altered the terrain for the play test to reduce the monotony for Ralph, Ed and George.

The play test went well with both armies pushing hard on their respective right flanks. Both being successful with this a battle line was established roughly diagonally along the fenced road that I put on the battlefield. When we called the game due to time the computer had the casualties and army cohesion numbers approximately equal. The scenario gives a tie to the American army as they have lower quality troops. They also had the next turn coming up and would probably have advanced their position significantly during that turn.

All in all a successful play test and I look forward to a good game at Huzzah! Look me up there if you'd like to see the rules in action. My thanks to George, Ed and Ralph for their help testing the rules and scenario again.


AdamC1776 said...

I'm looking forward to giving this a try AJ

Dick Bryant said...

Thoroughly enjoyed Freeman's Farm at Huzzah! Cant wait until you expand it to other periods. (Fire & Fury or WWII).
Dick Bryant