Monday, March 14, 2016

More Ancients Re-Basing

I'm continuing to re-base my 28mm ancients from DBA/FOG to the dedicated basing of Hanibal at the Gates. These are five more stands re-based.

The first unit is my Campanian hoplites. These were originally painted in January, 2014. Now re-based they represent three hoplite stands in HATG. The right-most base includes three figures painted last month to make the number of figures per stand work.

The final two stands of Numidian infantry include a musician, painted back in January but never photographed. Re-basing from three to five figures per stand allows these two stands to be used as peltasts or medium infantry - soldiers or rankers in HATG terms.

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Cyrus said...

Lovely Campanian Hoplites!