Monday, January 2, 2017

Hanibal at the Gates Campaign Game - The Battle of Thebes

We played this game a few days ago, but with so much going on over the holiday break, I'm a bit behind in posting everything. This was a battle between Charlie (Levant) and Mike (Greece). Mike had his allies, Bob an I along with his 2iC, Earl helping him on his side, but this night Charlie was alone. It reminded me a bit of the chess master in the park playing several tables at once.

Like the chess master, this game was a showcase of Charlie imposing his will on us. On my flank he out-maneuvered my less nimble spear phalanx. In the middle he weathered the charges of Earl's phalanx, and against both of our warrior wings he got the better of the exchanges. We had to call the game due to time, but even at that Charlie ended up losing only one army point worth of troops in the campaign to Mike's three. Not bad considering Charlie was fighting out-numbered 8-10 to start the game.  Well played Charlie.

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JCBriard said...

I like these photographs. They are very high quality. May I upload one of these to Wikipedia? It would be a great illustration for the articles on miniature wargaming. Note that you would have to relinquish your copyright to the image, because Wikipedia is a free-content encyclopedia.