Sunday, January 8, 2017

Purchased Pre-painted 28mm WWII German Infantry

After recently selling off some 28mm ACW I wasn't using, I decided to use some of the money earned doing so to buy some more painted 28mm WWII German Infantry. This is two units purchased from Veteran Wargames Shop on Ebay. They offer many different combinations of figures, this is their G005 and G007 squads. Every squad has a different mix of figures. I like this combination for it's selection of officers, MG 34/42 squad and a large number of rifle-armed infantry.

Veteran gives a good level of quality for the price you pay if you watch for their sales, or only bid the minimum bid on their auctions. If you're careful you can get these for $5.00 a figure. That's quite a deal considering the Artisan lead plus shipping to the USA costs almost $2.00 a figure. Veteran does a GREAT job on the faces and the uniforms have a two-tone shaded paint job. Nicer than I'd do for myself! The figures also come nicely based as shown.

Now the catch, because there always is one. Gun barrels come in straight black primer. Also the helmets and gas mask cases are painted in German grey, but only with a haphazard quick dry brush. The ammunition on the MG-34 is also only painted silver, not brass which would be the predominant color. The latter two items are probably forgivable for most players, but the first is not. The good news is since the figures are black primed, fixing these items is very quick. The lot in the photo took me about 15 minutes in total to re-paint the helmets and gas mask cases, give the guns a quick dry brush of gunmetal and hit the MG's ammo strip with some brass color. It's so little work I'm not even willing to call the effort a re-basing. I've had to do more after a game to fix damaged figures!

This lot is 16 figures that will go on the 'purchased 28mm painted' list. I'm already behind the eight ball for my pre-painted to self-painted ratio for 2017. Next up on the painting table is a large batch of 28mm German armor, including TWO conversions.


Giles said...

Those look great, AJ. Looking forward to seeing your armour.

Phil said...

Cool, wonderful group!