Tuesday, January 24, 2017

RSO Pak-40 / RSO Conversion - WIP

Ballardian on the Lead Adventure Forums asked about the 'strange' part in my previous work in progress shot. That part was the magnetized cabin of my WIP RSO Pak-40. The armored cabin is scratch built and it and the original cabin are both fitted with magnets so they can be swapped out. The Pak-40 gun is also magnetized as well. This allows me to get double duty out of the vehicle, either as an AFV or a simple tow/transport.

The Pak-40 gun barrel was left over from my (also WIP) Flakpanzer 38 (t) conversion. When converting to the AA AFV, the original Pak-40 gun isn't needed. Re-using it here made the most sense. I did have to scratch-build the gun mount and gun shield, with it's characteristic rivets. I think I did an ok job of that. With the mount being fully magnetized, the Pak-40 gun can swivel similarly to a turreted tank. Both the RSO and the Flakpanzer 38 (t) are on the work bench awaiting final painting, decals and detailing. Both also need some crew painted up for them. I have a convention to attend next weekend, and then a club game to prepare to host, so I don't expect any finished work on these to be completed for a few weeks.

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