Tuesday, February 18, 2020

28mm Morris Quad Tractors

These are two Morris Quad Artillery Tractors to pull my British 17 pounder AT gun and a 25 pounder artillery piece I've yet to paint. The one with Stowage is a Warlord Games resin model the other is from another manufacturer that I've forgotten the name of. The stowage on the Warlord model is quite nice, but the other model has great texture on the surfaces and a commander's hatch that opens. The commander is a loose Berlin or Bust communications figure I converted and pressed into service.

This adds the first 28mm vehicles to this years totals. This project was a request from a viewer on my Twitch stream. Thanks to 'Dragoonity' for the project pick. I'm always taken back by how much the rear of these look like modern Humvees.

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