Tuesday, February 11, 2020

"The Ambush" Game - Multi-Player Saga Scenario

My friend Mike C. has been running a Levantine Crusades Saga campaign. The games have been quite varied. Mike has been creating his own custom Saga scenarios for some of the games. This game was a six-player scenario Mike calls 'The Ambush'. It pits three attacking players, each with four points of troops, against three defending players, each with three points of troops. The defenders get to put one unit each in a hidden position at the start of the game allowing them to spring an ambush on the enemy.

Mongols John, Paul and Rob. Paul and John each put two hearthguard units together to make one eight-man unit. John brought a mounted warrior unit and a levy archer unit to round out his force. Paul brought two mounted warrior units to complete his force. Rob made two six-figure hearthguard units from 3 points of troops and rounded his force out with a mounted warrior unit.

Fellow Crusader Greg, and 'unlikely ally' Michael who pushed a Muslim Mutatawwi'a warband. Greg used his three points to bring two six-figure hearthguard units. I brought two mounted warrior units and a four-figure hearthguard unit. Michael brought two eight-figure warrior archer units and a four-figure hearthguard unit mounted on camels.

John brought his forces up cautiously approaching the two rocky outcroppings. Michael revealed his archers and took some pot shots at John's mounted warriors killing two figures. I launched an all-out attack on John's levy archers using all my saga dice for the one attack. I was able to kill nine of the archers, losing one warrior.

On the far flank the Mongols advanced en masse while Greg prepared to hold the flank with one of Michael's archer units taking up a position in the woods.

Paul brought his two mounted warrior units up. One harassed the center while the other waited to in on the attack against Greg's hearthguards. My warlord and hearthguard took the long way around some woods but prepared to support Greg in case his flank faltered.

There's a big gap in the photos here as the action got fast and furious and I forgot to pick up the camera for a couple of turns. Greg prepared his warband to receive the Mongol charge, loading up ever available die on his Saga battle board for defense. These resources were enough to weather Rob's initial attacks to good effect, eliminating one complete unit and reducing the other to half while receiving minimal casualties in return. Depleted of recourses, Greg had to weather Paul's final warrior attack with just guile and determination (and some good dice) but held firm.  I followed up in the following turn with some clean-up attacks from my warlord, who eliminated the remnants of Paul's mounted warriors, but I failed to finish off Rob's warlord and Greg stole that prize. Greg was not to be denied and slaughtered enemies from the start of engagement until the end.

Fun game and I'm very surprised that the underdogs could overcome the 25% army size deficit. I thought both sides played, particularly Paul who used his warrior bowmen to great effect, successfully completing several turns of 'shoot and scoot' fire safely.

Lola the wargaming dog seemed to prefer the Mongol force in this one making friends with Paul. Bribery can get you everywhere with Lola!

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