Sunday, February 16, 2020

Tan Legion Hastati

Last week I made more progress on the 'tan' legion for my Roman army. These are the Hastati which were based up yesterday and final touches on the base decorations were added today. They still need another coat or two of matte varnish, but besides that they're ready to see some use on the tabletop.

These are Old Glory figures and add twelve more 28mm figures to this year's painting totals. Next up for this army are some foot officers for this and the fourth legion and two units of cavalry to complete the third legion.

I have a feature on my Twitch stream, where after viewing for a certain period of time, viewers can use their view time points (which are free FYI) to select my next project to paint on stream from a list I keep. A viewer selected some British WWII vehicles. I'm painting the two Morris Quad tractors shown to the left to fulfill this request. They've been base coated and are ready for decals, chipping and weathering.

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