Wednesday, April 8, 2020

28mm Thracian Peltasts and Psoli

These four stands represent a Thracian division in Hannibal at the gates. The front two stands are skirmishers or psoli and the rear two are soldiers or peltasts. The shield transfers are from Little Big Man Studios. The figures are from Old Glory.

I anguished a bit about doing freehand patterns on the cloaks of these figures to match the historic pottery showing very complex geometric patterns. In the end I opted for simplicity allowing the shields to convey that theme. I wasn't confident I could execute the complex freehand in a way that wouldn't make the figures look worse than omitting it. Even without the patterns, I think the rhomphaia swords, sica knives and patterned shields give them a suitably Thracian look.

This adds sixteen figures to my annual totals bringing my year-to-date total to 138. This matches last year's production and it's only early April. Following a painting schedule because of my streams has really ramped up my painting output. Even if you don't stream, making some regular time to paint really helps you get things done. During the current global COVID-19 epidemic it's a great time to set aside some scheduled hobby time.


Ray Rousell said...

Brilliant brushwork!

DeanM said...

Great looking Thracians, Allan. I agree about letting the shield patterns take the spot light. I like how some of the designs remind me of Hawaiian patterns.