Friday, February 12, 2010

Field of Glory Status Markers

Up to now we've been using short pieces of colored pipe cleaners as status markers while playing Field of Glory. While they're fairly serviceable as markers, almost without fail about half way through the game we realize that some of us are counting the yellow pipe cleaners as disrupted while others are counting the orange ones as disrupted. It's all very confusing. We have another FOG game tomorrow, and since I have all the troops I need for the game already painted up, I decided to spend a couple of hours with my laser making up these status markers. They're made using colored 1/8" thick acrylic sheet. I'm probably going to order some yellow acrylic and re-make the fragmented markers in yellow with black text, but for tomorrow's game I had to use red since I didn't have any yellow, or any other colors for that matter, available. At least with the status clearly marked on the face of these there will be no more confusion.

I decided on the oval shape in order to try to protect the figures from accidental damage. I thought square markers would have sharp corners that might chip paint off a figure if the markers were tossed about carelessly. I'm looking forward to trying these out tomorrow to see how they work. I hope the other guys in my club like them.


Andy McMaster said...

ohhhhhh....I really like those!

Are you and your laser open to commissions? :)

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Of course! I can do custom orders. Wargaming products are a specialty. Contact me here:


Phil B said...

Nice looking tokens AJ! Russ knocked up some similar ones that we use - we also find it easier than using coloured glass beads etc. and the status is very clear!

Cheaper than Litko as well!

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Litko makes nice stuff, but their markers are a little hard to read since they're all the same size. Plus my eyes are going now that I'm getting older, so high-contrast and larger is better. Since I own the laser I just have to pay for materials, so the price (for me) is petty good even if the larger ones do use more acrylic.