Monday, February 15, 2010

French 12 lb. Mortar

This is a French 12 lb. mortar model that was created by Friedrich Giesler. I first saw this model over on Friedrich's Blog. I posted a comment about how much I liked it and Friedrich was kind enough to offer me one for just the cost of postage from Europe to the USA. This is a home-cast model, and considering that it has great detail and was easy to paint. I've always wanted some mortar models, but up until I found Friedrich's blog I hadn't found any that I was very happy with. I'm honored that I was able to get this one.

I've painted the model up with a natural wood carriage, so that I can use it not only with my French troops, but also with other nationalities. Since I don't glue my guns to my bases, I can easilly move the mortar between all of my AWI armies. Here I've displayed it on a French artillery stand, since that's how it was designed to be used. I'd like to publicly thank Friedrich for his generous offer. If you haven't visited his blog, there's a lot of interesting AWI figures there, and some other one-of-a-kind scratch-built artillery models. Friedrich is quite the sculpter. Maybe some figure company should offer him a job!


Phil B said...

Nice looking piece of kit, Al. Looks like it can do some damage on the battlefield.

Giles said...

I like that a lot - something a bit different. Very nicely painted too, AJ.

Bets wishes


Phil B said...


Just realised who you are on the FOG Forum!

Will look out for your posts there as well.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Yeah I joined there a 'pease1' but then couldn't change and didn't want to lose my old posts, so I'm stuck with it there.