Saturday, February 6, 2010


This is the first unit of Thureophoroi that I've painted for my Attalid Pergamene Allies that will support my Mid-Republican Roman army. I had originally wanted to go with a paint scheme that matched this Angus McBride illustration, but after cleaning the Old Glory 15s figures I decided that not enough tunic was showing to allow the white stripe to show properly, so I left it out, while retaining the rest of the coloring. I chose a white field for the thureos which seems to be a popular choice among most of the painted Thureophoroi figures I could find images of on the Internet.

Since I was using a darker tunic color and these figures have a lot of undercuts and shadow lines, I went with a black primer technique. I'm still not leaving enough of the black showing between colored areas, but I'm working on that. The large capes on these figures make painting them quite a quick affair, so quick that I think I'll move on to a second unit of them straight away.

I decided to base these as medium infantry, or auxilla in DBx terms. They'll be working with my Romans mostly, and I don't need any additional heavy infantry when adding supporting troops to my Roman army. Another reason to base them as mediums is that they're most likely to be classified that way for historical battles, or if I choose to use them with DBA/DBM. I chose a six stand unit as this is what the Roman list allows in the optional troops section. The next unit will likely be at least eight stands to allow me to properly flush out the Pergamene Allies numbers.

The only complaints I have with the sculpting of the figures, is that they are only carrying one spear and not also carrying some javelins. I suppose I could probably rectify this with some creative use of fine brass wire. I might do that on the next unit. I think I'd only have to modify a few figures to give the impression that the whole unit was so equipped.


Galpy said...

How about instead of leaving more black try brushing across the undercuts with a 3 to 4 times darker than finish colour then paint on the most raised area with your mid colour or even final colour you actually don't want much black to show through and only a little of the darker colour then to brighten the final coler i paint it again on the most our parts of the undercut. anyway your figures look great. Cheers Kent

Galpy said...

please excuse the terriable spell in that comment above it's ment to say final colour and on the outer most parts.

Phil B said...

Co-incidence but I'm bringing mine forward for painting (just finishing off a few BG's of spanish and the pedites extraordinarii). Might take a closer look at yours for insipiration.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I'm trying to decide on how to paint the next batch. I'm thinking I might go with darker cloaks and a lighter tunic, maybe blue tunics with chocolate brown cloaks.