Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thureophoroi (2)

Here is the second unit of Thureophoroi for my Atallid Pergamene allies. These are more of the same Old Glory 15s figures that I used on my first unit. I had to replace the broken spears on two figures with brass wire as the figures came with partially broken or weak spears. In hindsight, it was easy enough to do that I probably should have done it for all of the figures of this pose just to insure against further breakage during use. This unit is a full eight stands, based again as medium infantry.

My friend Mike, who's somewhat of a mentor to me when it comes to ancients, gave me some nice compliments on my first unit of Thureophoroi. I probably should have taken those compliments to heart and painted this unit with the same color scheme as the first one, but I couldn't leave well enough alone and painted these with a modified color scheme of my own creation: blue tunics and chocolate brown cloaks. I stayed with the white thureos and red helmet plumes. I like the first color scheme a little better, but I think I like having two differently uniformed units more than I dislike this second scheme.

Next up on the painting table is a small battle group of Seleucid scythed chariots for the upcoming Magnesia game followed by a unit of armored Gaul cavalry battle group for my Atallid Pergamene allies. Both of these will take a while to show up on the blog however, as I'm heading out for a week's vacation on Saturday. During the trip I may make a post or two, possibly containing photos from my planned visit to the Fantasy of Flight Museum.


Galpy said...

You must be happy with these figures they do look great, would be great to see a mass army photo when your finished.

Phil B said...

Nice group Al - I should have enough to create an Attalid Pergamene army myself and might give them a go against Russ' Carthaginians.

OK to copy the colour scheme of yours?

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I copied my first unit from a plate I found on the Internet. You're welcome to copy mine.

Galpy said...

The good old internet very useful, The uniform for the musketeer i just painted up I found on the web great place. Your very fast at painting up your units. How large is the army going to be in the end.
would value your opinion on the musketeer what you think good and bad.