Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Roman Velites (2)

This is the second group of Roman Velites I've painted up for Field of Glory. This batch uses up all of the remaining Velite figures I had from my original order which is why it's a single unit of six (6) bases instead of one or two units of four (4) bases, which will be the way they'll be deployed most of the time. For the first unit I used all of the figures I had that were wearing wolf skins leaving this unit entirely in helmets. I was hoping this would give me two different looks for the same troop type. I think it worked well, although I wish the two poses in helmets weren't nearly identical. It would have made this second unit look a little less uniform. 

I'm not as happy with this unit as I was with my first unit. I ended up having to prime the figures twice. I brush primed these and the primer I used 'foamed' up when I brushed it on, trapping some air bubbles in the primer which made the figures look horrible. This meant I had to prime them a second time to fill in the bubbles which also filled in more of the detail on the figures. Originally I wanted to go with yellow shields, but that also ended up being a problem as I couldn't get the paint to cover in a way that made me happy, so the shields got two additional coats of blue paint to cover up the yellow. After all that I'm happy just to have them finished. What should have been a quick and simple unit ended up taking far too long and ending up far too shabby for my tastes.

I really think I want to switch back to enamel paints. I have so much trouble getting some colors to flow and cover properly with acrylics. I think as my acrylics run out and dry up I might slowly switch back to oil-based enamels. The only question is which brand....more on that later after I make a decision. Next up on the painting table a battle group of Thureophoroi medium infantry.


Galpy said...

I hate it when the primer bubbles i had to clean up around 200 figures that i primed and it all went wrong, i say start from scratch where possible i went down to a local door and window stripping busness and asked for some of their most powerful paint strip and boy did it do the job they were as clean as new in a few minutes no scrubing just washed them off.

broeders said...

I always spray-prime for that reason. Brish priming takes ages and the finish is never as good.

Still, your velites turned out OK. I wish mine had a couple of poses - and all the Pendraken's come in wolf-skins - which is frustrating as I'd like a mix as well.