Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3rd Anniversary

I just wanted to post a quick note that today is the 3rd anniversary of my Wargaming blog. Things started off slowly with me mostly documenting my AWI figure collection. In the past year my posting has become more frequent and my wargaming activities more varied, both of which are partially due to the great feedback my readers have given me here. For that I thank you all!

During the upcoming months I'm hoping to finish up the two projects I've been working on lately, my FOW Finnish company and my Field of Glory armies both Roman which is 95% done and Seleucid which I've only just started. I plan to spell myself occasionally from these projects to paint the odd 28mm AWI unit just to keep both projects from becoming too monotonous.

The image above is from a post early on in the life of the blog and shows where I was (in wargaming terms) three years ago. Here's hoping I'm still going strong in another three years.


Beccas said...

Happy third blog anniversary AJ. It gets better and better.

Giles said...

Many congratulations, AJ! Long may your blog continue.

Best wishes


Phil B said...

Congratulations Al. Always enjoy your work. Keep it going!

Andy McMaster said...

Happy 3rd Birthday AJ's blog!

Look forward to the next 3 years!