Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jalkaväki Infantry Platoon (2)

This is the second Jalkaväki infantry platoon that I've painted for my Finnish Jalkaväki infantry company. The figures are Battlefront miniatures, the official Flames of War figures. These figures were easy to paint, although I much prefer equipping my Finnish light machine gunners with Legions East Kulsprutegevär m/21 equipped figures rather than the MG-38/42 equipped figures in the Battlefront packs. Unfortunately I didn't have any more of the former for this platoon so I used the Battlefront MG-38/42 figures.

I needed this platoon to make my Finnish force legal for our upcoming 1000 point escalation games which require the at least two core combat platoons. As you can see I'm posting these photos late Thursday evening and our 1000 point games start tomorrow! Nothing like finishing just under the wire. In addition to this platoon, As part of my 1000 point force I'll also be fielding the 120mm mortar platoon I finished last week in place of the 81mm mortar platoon I painted up for my 600 point force. I'll also be adding my infantry "tank hunters" to the force who were originally painted up for the 600 point games but were swapped out at the last minute for my Finnish Sturmi platoon. At 1000 points I have the luxury of fielding both which should give me just enough anti-tank capability to get by. Later on I'll add some proper Pak-40 anti-tank guns and some heavy artillery which should balance things out well.

Below is a close up of the figures in this platoon as well as a group shot of the new figures that I'll be fielding as part of the 1000 point force that weren't part of my 600 point force.

As a side note, these figures bring my 2010 painted 15mm figure count to 264. Three and a half months to paint as many figures as Scott MacPhee painted in SIX DAYS! Still I'm very satisfied with my output this year, which has easily been the most painting I've ever done in a four month period. If I can maintain even half of this pace I'm sure I'll have my most productive year ever.


Scott MacPhee said...

Good looking paint job, but I agree; the Legions East figures are better sculpts.

yorkie said...

very nice paint job, im loking to start a new FOW army in the near future, and id never considered finns before.

good job.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

The Finns are worthy of consideration. They're Veterans - either confident or fearless and they get to use an interesting combination of Finnish, Swedish, Russian and German equipment, that while adding a lot of uniqueness to the force, doesn't diminish it's effectiveness.

The infantry companies seem to be better choices than the armor to me.