Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finnish Air Support

The Finnish 1944 OB for Flames of War allows you to take either 'German' Ju87D or JU87G Stuka dive bombers as air support or 'Finnish' air support using Ju88 bombers. Although I'm under the impression that the Stuka G-model dive bomber is probably the best of the bunch with it's 11 AT rating, I decided to purchase pre-painted 1:144 scale models of the JU88 Bombers just to be different. These came with German markings on the wings, which I'm assuming I'll have to replace with proper Finnish markings at some point. Normally pre-painted items I purchase don't warrant a blog entry, but these three are perched atop bases that I made with my laser cutter. The bases are 1/16" clear acrylic, and the 3/32" plastic rods that support the aircraft attach using a pair of rare earth magnets. This should make transporting the models nice and easy I hope. Taking the limited air support option, which is the best the Finnish are allowed to take, adds another 135 points to my Finnish force.


yorkie said...

Nice looking planes, where did you get them from?

i remember spending ages searching the internet for pre painted soviet aircraft, but with no luck....


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I bought them from an overseas vendor on Ebay.