Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flames of War Bombardment Template

While I was making the gaming aids for my uncle, I remembered I needed a bombardment template for Flames of War. Flames of War sells a very nice one but I thought I might as well make my own. Since mine would be different than all the others, there wouldn't be much of a chance of misplacing it or accidentally coming home with someone else's template by mistake. I added some wind direction indicators but other than that mine is unadorned. I'm not sure I'd use much of the other stuff on the stock template anyways. If I end up needing more information I can always add it later. I chose to try white coloring for my markings instead of the black I used on the items I made for my uncle. I'm not yet sure which I like better. Possibly something in between might be best, maybe blue or gray. Since Flames of War already sells their own template, I won't be selling these since it is probably some sort of copyright infringement. If you see someone with one like this, they stole it from me!

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