Friday, September 10, 2010

Leichte Pionierkompanie - 600 point force

This is my 600-point early war German Leichte Pionierkompanie for Flames of War. It's built from the figures and vehicles from my previous posts. As I said earlier, this first version was built based on limited availability of models and figures more than optimization of effectiveness. If you've very curious, I have a PDF of the full order of battle available. We're getting together for our first day of gaming this coming Sunday and although it's mostly going to be an informal gathering, we may play some games for fun using whatever we have available: forces made from mid-war figures, unpainted figures, and painted forces like mine, made from currently available figures. Those starting from the few available boxed sets will have a distinct advantage in terms of available figures to choose from.  Below I'll show the force in detail.

Company command comprised of CiC in I Panzerbefehlswagen command tank and 2iC infantry stand with motorcycle & sidecar transportation stand. I'm still unsure if choosing the optional I Panzerbefehlswagen for the CiC is a good decision or not, but since I have the model painted up I thought it would be fun to give it a try.

Cost: 60 points.

Combat platoon consisting of two squads of pioneers. The platoon commander has been upgraded to be SMG armed. Transportation is via command cars and Opal Blitz trucks. There is an additional truck for engineer supplies (mines, barbed wire, etc.) I still need to model the defense emplacements.

Cost: 185 points

Tank hunter platoon consisting of three PanzerJager I SP guns. This platoon may have a fourth PJI, but at 600 points I can only afford to have three. With AT rating of 8 these are my only answer at this point total for CharB and Matilda tanks. Hopefully at 600 points I won't see too many of either of those!

Cost: 250 points

Light AA Platoon consisting of four Sd Kfz 10/5 (2cm) half tracks. These non-armored AA vehicles are inexpensive filler which would most likely be better replaced with an additional squad of Pioneers or an extra PJI, but since I have them painted up I'm going to give them a try. They're the proverbial glass cannon with AT of 5 and ROF of 4, but able to be knocked out by even small arms fire! Scary.

Cost: 90 points

Total points cost: 585


The Colour Kiwi said...

Hey AJ, Looking good mate.

I just posted up my army, love to know what you think.

Giles said...

That's a very neat force, AJ. I've often thought of dabbling in 15mm WW2 and it's always good to see what people do with their FoW units.

Best wishes