Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Australian Infantry Platoon (1)

This is a platoon of Australian North Africa infantry. They can be used for early and mid war. I've painted these up to use as support for a Divisional Cavalry squadron or one of the two main combat platoons for a Commonwealth Infantry company. Both can utilize captured Italian M11/38 and M13/40 tanks which the Aussies painted large kangaroos onto to prevent allies from shooting at them. Pictured above is the force deployed as a Commonwealth Infantry platooon: six stands of Rifle/MG infantry, an anti-tank rifle stand, a light mortar stand and a platoon command stand.

The figures are all Battlefront castings, primarily taken from their Austrailian (Anzac) blister. These are wearing the characteristic Australian bush hat that they loved so much. I've also mixed in a few figures from the aforementioned Sting of the Scorpion box set  with white head covers. I think this gives the unit a sufficiently Australian look while still looking a bit shaggy as I feel desert troops would get on campaign.

As I'd like to also use this platoon to support my Crusaders in an early or mid-war Crusader squadron I've painted up a couple extra stands of anti-tank Rifles. Deployed as below the unit can very nicely be deployed as a motor platoon comprised of three stands of MG infantry, three anti-tank infantry stands and a command stand. As you see I've put the majority of the figures with the Australian bush hats on the non-MG stands so this platoon, while containing some such figures, is mostly figures without the hats. It's subtle, but I think will allow me to use these as straight British figures should I wish to.

Next up on the painting table are some more vehicles: portee 2 pounder AT guns and some Humber II armored cars.


Rodger said...

Really nice painting AJ. Nice basing too.

Anonymous said...

Nice unit, well done

Lucas Kain said...

Woah, good unit you got there. Keep it up!

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