Saturday, September 10, 2011

Field of Glory Round Robin Games (1)

Tonight my friends Mike, Charlie and Phil came over to play a couple games of Field of Glory Ancients. All four of us made up armies from the Rise of Rome army list book and we're going to play a bunch of games 1 vs 1 with each other in a round robin format, hopefully getting in two games versus each of the other three players. I'm not sure there will be any high competition, but we'll keep track of wins and losses and maybe the winner can pick which historical battle we play once we all are more familiar with the rules. Field of Glory is definitely one of those rule sets that if you don't play it very often you can forget a lot of the details on how to play it.

We diced to pick partners for the first game. Mike's Carthaginian army drew Phil's Seleucid army, using my figures. Their game was a close-fought battle with Mike edging out Phil for a narrow victory. The photo above and the two below are of their game.

The other game pitted my Mid-Republican Romans vs. Charlie's Late Republican Romans. Mine featured a core of Superior legions with Atillid Pergamene allies and Charlie's army featured a core of Elite legions backed up by some superior legions and some Spanish, Gaul and Numidian cavalry. Early on Charlie's superior troops tore me up with their copious re-rolls causing many extra casualties. During the mid game I was able to bring my extra numbers to bear turning a gap in the line into a flanking opportunity which allowed me to beat a couple of his Elite battle groups. Our game was a close one until that time. I was able to secure a narrow victory. The 10-5 final score doesn't accurately reflect how close things really were. Most of the game I felt like Charlie was really beating me fairly handily. Photos of our game are below.

This was a great night of gaming. We're hoping to get together every 3-4 weeks to play another two games.


Figurenschieber said...

Nice report. Thanks for sharing!

Rodger said...

Great looking games AJ. Enjoyed the report and the photos.