Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gettysburg Visit 2013

Sorry for the delay between posts without notice, but things got very hectic right before leaving for a ten day RV trip to Pennsylvania. Included in the trip was another visit to one of my favorite destinations, Gettysburg Battlefield National Park.  My wife Lori and I love to visit Battlefield parks. I count myself very fortunate that Lori shares my interest in history. This visit to Gettysburg was HER idea.

We love attending the park ranger walks and presentations. This year we attended three: Little Round Top, First Day's Battle and a new program, "Sunset at Gettysburg" which is held at sunset on Cemetary Ridge and covers the final moments of the battle and many topical moments of the aftermath including burial of the dead, damage to local farms, and the evolution of the battlefield after the battle. Very interesting! I highly recommend if you visit any of the national parks that you take full advantage of the excellent programs the park rangers offer for free.

Also in our visit, a quick stop to one of Lori's favorite parts of the battlefield, the Wheatfield, and my favorite monument, the "Fighting" 5th NH monument which is located where Colonel Cross was killed.

I'll be posting a second update from our trip in a few days.

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PanzerKaput said...

That sounds like a very interesting day and your wife;s suggestion too, you lucky man.