Saturday, June 1, 2013

Luftwaffe 1946 (2)

My friend Phil and I traveled up to Adler to visit Gordon and Russ. Russ hosted another game of Luftwaffe 1946. The more I play this game the more I like it. Tonight Gordon and I played the Germans and exacted some revenge on Russ for previous deaths in the sky and revenge against Phil for previous deaths in the 30 Years War.  I have to admit some very hot dice this game. I got some devastating shots from my Bf110's belly gunner on Phil and then was able to drop a nice turn on Russ for another kill.

Scenarios seem to be something that will require some tweaking to get balanced, but the game is fun, fast and has just the right amount of historical detail and accuracy. Balancing scenarios in air games is always tough with aircraft differences coming into play. I'm sure once we get a few more games in Russ will have a good amount of data points to be able to dial in nicely balanced scenarios. Until then I'll be a willing data point generator no matter what side I'm on.

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Russ_vickery said...

I had a blast! And I agree points don't seem to quite balance the game as much as I had thought. Next time I'll have a few more P-40's for the Americans.