Monday, June 24, 2013

The Weekend - 2013

The last stop on my recent RV vacation in Pennsylvania was in Lancaster, PA where I spent a day and a half participating in "The Weekend". This event is more like spending the weekend gaming with 80 of your best friends than a standard convention. The event is run by Otto Schmidt with help from his wife Dot and some of his friends. The Weekend has a lot going for it: friendly atmosphere, relaxed environment, flexible game start times and GREAT games. In order to estimate space needs and costs Otto requires that you contact him if you're planning to attend. I found the easiest way to do this was to email him ( The event features a bring and buy space, a snack sharing table and visitors can pre-order beer and soda prior to registering. Games are set up and when enough players are ready to play the game starts. There were mainly miniatures games, but a few board games were also played.  I was only able to attend Friday and the first half of Saturday, but the event runs through Saturday evening. I'm hoping to attend next year for the full two days. If a weekend of fun, casual wargaming in early July in Lancaster PA sounds fun to you, drop Otto an email.

Below are photos of a massive French & Indian war battle that was very beautiful and from the sounds coming from the players, a lot of fun.

Friday morning I played in a Roman civil war game hosted by Mark Zalasky (pictured left). The rules were "Classical Hack" - Ancient Rome variant. This battle featured many nicely painted figures in a head to head struggle for control of Rome. I played one of Pompey's sub-commanders and had a lot of fun. This rule system features lots of good old fashioned head to head smashing wearing down each other's units. Since I'm currently painting 28mm ancients I couldn't resist. I'd like to thank Mark for hosting a very enjoyable game.

Saturday afternoon and early evening I played in a MASSIVE Seven Year's war game hosted by Mike Lorenzo that used Black Powder rules. This was a close fought battle of Prussians against Austrians. I commanded a brigade that included two artillery pieces and two regiments of grenadiers. I was semi-successful in holding my flank, but at the end of the battle a decisive Austrian massed cavalry charge put the success of the Prussian efforts in question. Result was a minor Prussian victory...and another very enjoyable game.

Saturday morning I helped my friend and club mate Ed run his very fun 30 Years War game using his battlefield management rules "Armies at Lutzen". While Ed ran the game I helped players with rules questions on one end of the table while Ed did the same on his end. The more I get exposed to this system the more I like it. I may consider even trying it for Napoleonics using my 15mm Volley & Bayonet stands. The system features troop types unique to the 30 Years War, but with some small adjustments could be made to work with Napoleonics.

The photos below are of other games that were being played Saturday morning or set up to run Saturday afternoon. The close up photos of the Ancients game were of particular interest. Unfortunately I had to leave before the game was run. I believe it was called "A Pyrrhic Victory" and featured Roman and Pyrrhic armies that were very nicely painted.

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That sounds like a very nice venue. The games and figures certainly look top-notch. Best, Dean